FRP Sectional Panel Tank

FRP Fibreglass Sectional Panel Tank

Robust, Eco-Friendly, Modular and Affordable Liquid Containment

for: portable water; commercial mining; food and factory production; air conditioning MAUs; fire protection; industrial liquids; rainwater harvesting; sea water and waste water storage


reinforcement structure

reinforcement structure


What are FRP – Fibreglass Sectional Panel Liquid Storage Tanks?

Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is a strong glass fibre reinforced plastic composite. It’s used in the aerospace, automotive, marine and construction industries because of its light-weight and durable qualities. The material has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, an extremely long life-span and is easy to maintain.

FRP Sectional Panel tanks were created to address the problems of other water storage methods. They’re strong, modular, low cost, recyclable, hygienic, resistant to weather and natural disasters, easy to maintain, fast to drain and well insulated. All this makes them the ideal solution for portable water and industrial liquid storage.

Reliable and Designed for Durability

No more leaks

Sunnik’s FRP sectional panel convex design distributes pressure towards the panel joints, which augments the sealing properties.
The joints themselves are sealed with a UV-resistant food-grade closed cell sealant which doesn’t change with age and under extreme weather conditions.

Erosion and corrosion free

FRP isn’t subject to erosion or corrosion like steel and concrete. This further prevents leaks and prevents the water from becoming tainted by foreign substances.

A much stronger water tank

All our FRP panels are reinforced with fibreglass woven mesh on the external panel surface to maximize tensile, flexural and shearing strength. Our panel design’s structural rigidity is one of the highest on the market.

Economical and Easy to Maintain

Designed for safety

The roof panels come with an anti-slip profile for stable walking. Indicators on the outside side panels also show the water level, so maintenance staff can tell when drainage has completed.

Fast draining and easy to clean

The floor of Sunnik’s FRP Sectional Panel tanks consist of convex panels and a concave draining panel. This allows water to drain freely without sticking, and stops stale water accumulating during cleaning.

A cost-effective solution

Concrete and steel tanks can be costly to install and even more costly to repair and often need relining. Cheaper plastic and hand-laid fibreglass solutions are available but require replacing frequently.

FRP tanks require no internal or external coatings and last a long time. Our location in South East Asia allows us to provide water storage solutions at a competitive price.

Better Hygiene, Less Contaminants

Free from Algae and bacterial growth

Sunnik FRP panels have the maximum possible opacity. This means no light can enter the tanks, preventing chlorine evaporation and the growth of algae and bacteria. The panels undergo and SMC hot-pressing process, creating a mirror surface that organic matter cannot adhere to.

Free from chemical residues

FRP doesn’t corrode, and so the water doesn’t get tainted with chemicals. The hot-pressing process also eliminates the possibility of styrene residue. This makes Sunnik’s FRP Sectional Panel tanks ideal for portable water storage.


A wide range of applications

Sunnik’s FRP Sectional Panel tanks’ properties make them ideal for a wide range of uses, including commercial mining, food and factory production, air conditioning MAUs, fire protection, industrial liquids, rainwater harvesting, sea water and waste water storage.

Sunnik FRP Sectional Panels fully passed the WRAS, UK test BS6920-1:2000: “Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regards to their effects on the quality of water” up to 50°C.


Weather and Natural Disaster Resistant

Insulated panels for extreme heat and cold

FRP has a thermal conductivity of 240 times lower than that of steel. This helps prevent water freezing or overheating in extreme climates over long periods of time.

To help further insulate the panels, we can install 25 or 50 millimetre polyurethane foam induction sheets on the external FRP panel walls. This will help save energy necessary for heating or chilling water in extreme temperatures. It’s also useful in industrial processes which requires constant access to hot or cold water.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions

Sunnik’s FRP Sectional Panels are computer designed using finite element analysis. This tells us how the panels will perform during earthquakes, high winds and extreme temperature changes. With a factor of safety (FoS) of 6 times the maximum anticipated loads, our panels are strong enough to withstand some of the most catastrophic natural disasters.

Flexible and Easy-to-Install

Partitionable, Extendable and Relocatable

For customers with more complex requirements, we can install partitions within the tanks to allow for separate storage compartments. Tanks can also be extended later if required capacity increases, or fully packed up and installed in a new location.

Configurations to suit any room shape

The panel-based design of the tank allows for modular installations. We can fit an FRP Sectional Panel tank around pillars in complex configurations to fill available space.

Easy-installation with no special equipment required

Sunnik FRP Sectional Panels are lightweight and can be lifted by hand. Our installation staff therefore need no special equipment to install the panels and they can complete the work quickly.

Accelerated Weathering Test

Destruction from weathering occurs both outdoors and indoors. The severity can vary greatly with climate, causing unwanted product failures.

During the product’s research and development, SUNNIK FRP/GRP panels underwent 3000 hours of accelerated weathering testing. The panels were exposed to ultraviolet light using a QUV Weathering Test Machine.

The test was conducted using a UV lamp for a duration of 3000 hours with an additional of 2-minutes exposure to water spray for every 8-hours of UV exposure.





  • Specification for glass reinforced polyester sectional water tanks


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Manufacturing, installation, testing and servicing of sectional panel tanks


  • BS EN 13280:2001
    SS 245:2014
    MS 1390:2010
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyster (FRP) sectional water tanks
  • Glass-fiber reinforced polyster (GRP) sectional water tank


  • BS6920-1:2000
  • Suitability of non-metalic products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regard to their effect on the quality of water


  • Simulated earthquake seismic shaking table testing report
  • FRP sectional panel water tank earthquake test


  • MS1390:2010
  • Storage cistern/tank-FRP water tank-sectional

Manufacturing Specifications

General Applications Portable water or liquid containment for hygienic purpose and food related industries.
Standards SUNNIK SMC panel constructed with bolted SMC panels by hot compression molding process conform to SS 245: 1995, B. S. EN 13280: 2001, GB 5749-85 and JC 658.1-1997.
Composition SMC panel is basically produced with unsaturated polyester resin conforming to B.S. 3532: 1990 and glass fiber type ‘E’ conforming to B.S. 3691: 1990.
Dimensions Nominal external size of unit panels shall be 1m x 1m x 1m x 0.5m with combined double flange at an angle of 90° to the panel face on all four sides with pre-drilled bolt holes. Specifications conforming to B.S. 1564: 1975.
Anti-Skid For Safety Panels for external tank top covers and internal surface of base are anti-skid with protruded studs for safety during installation and maintenance.
Manhole & Air Vent Each tank compartment shall be provided with 600mm square access manhole opening and inspect proof air vent to maintain water at atmospheric pressure.
Reinforcement The tank is supported either with external or internal steel reinforcements. All internal reinforcements that are in contact with water shall be of stainless steel type whereas those with no contact with water shall be of hot dipped galvanized type.
Bolts, Nuts & Washer All bolts & nuts in contact with water shall be Stainless Steel and whereas that not in contact with the water shall be hot dipped galvanized type to ISO 1461 for exposed tank (zinc plated bolts & nuts for enclosed indoor tank).
Sealant Materials Non-toxic PVC sealant strips and butyl putty gum are supplied to panel joints for water tightness, weather and insect proof.
Ladders & Indicators Internal aluminium ladder, external galvanized ladder and MS mechanical (ruler type) indirect reading level indicator c/w PVC float, cable & pointer calibrated in meter are supplied to suit tank height.
MS Skid Base Mild Steel (B.S. 4360: 1990 Grade 43A) primer coated skid base shall be provided to support tank on top of existing R.C. plinth at 1.0m center for leverage and distribution of load (galvanized skid base can be supplied as an option).


  • Manufacturing specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Manufacturing specifications can be customized but subject to manufacturer’s approval and safety standards.
  • It is recommended all SUNNIK SMC Panel Tank shall be installed by our approved installers only.
  • All pipes nozzles connection openings can be customized prior to delivery. Pipe, valves and its fitting should have their own support and flexible joints at tank connections to prevent loading and stress to tank.
  • Service temperature of water shall be at ambient temperature.
  • For safety reason, please seek manufacturer’s advice on other liquid containment, pH level or higher liquid temperature.



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