Stainless Steel Grade 304/316 (L)* Sectional Panel Tank

General Applications Food grade quality for corrosive water or liquid storage in corrosive environment.
Standards SUNNIK stainless steel grade 304 and 316 (L)*, standard panels are in metric sizes of 1m x 1m square and 1m x 0.5m (other panel size, on request).
Dimensions Each panel steel of size 0.5m x 1m or 1m x 1m square bolted to suit storage capacity or size.
Materials The tank panels, stays, cleats and pads are manufactured with stainless steel conforming to either American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI); JIS; BSEN.
Panel Hydraulically pressed with a combined double flange at an angle of 45° and 90° to the plane of panel on all four sides complete with bolts and holes.
Reinforcement Tank is supported either internally or externally by bracing (stays) and cleats (brackets) to ensure rigidity of tank up to maximum operating level. The stays and cleats shall of stainless steel similar to grade of panel.
Bolts, Nuts & Washer Hexagonal shaped and shall be of similar grade of panel.
Joining Compound (Sealant) Non-toxic and non-contaminating PVC foam strips or equivalent is supplied for jointing between flanged of panel and cleats for water tightness.
Roof Cover Hydrailically pressed panel cover of 1.0mm / 1.5mmtk x 1m x 1m x of similar to size and type (material), fabricated with 600mm manhole access and insect proof vent for each compartment of tank.
Ladders Standard internal and external ladder(s) of similar height and finishes of panel (safety cage for external ladder as optional).
Level Indicator Standard – Galvanized indirect reading mechanical level indicator (ruler type) conforming to ISO 1462 or equivalent.
Other Option(s) – PVC transparent tube direct reading indicator calibrate in meter with float and valves can be supplied on request.
Finishing Pickling and Passivation process according to Nickel Development Institute (AISI)
Packing Wooden pallet packing and strapping are provided for protection during delivery on request.
Thickness of Tank Panels For Tank of 1m high: Bottom, sides and ends – 2.0mm
For Tank of 2m high: Bottom, 1st – 2.5mm and others – 2.0mm
For Tank of 3m high: Bottom, 1st – 3.0mm and 2nd tier – 2.5mm and others – 2.0mm
For Tank of 4m high: Bottom – 4.0mm, 1st & 2nd tiers – 3.0mm, 3rd tier – 2.5mm and 4th tier – 2.0mm


  • Manufacturing specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Manufacturing specifications can be customized but subject to manufacturer’s approval and safety standards.
  • It is recommended all SUNNIK Stainless Steel 304 / 316 (L) Sectional Panel Tank shall be installed by our approved installers only.
  • Service temperature of water shall be at ambient temperature.
  • For safety reason, please seek manufacturer’s advice on other liquid containment, pH level or higher liquid temperature.