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Standard Primer Coated

Standard Primer Coated


Manufacturing Specifications

General Applications Basic and economic water storage for general purpose.
Standards SUNNIK pressed steel sectional water tanks (rectangular) constructed with hydraulically pressed flanged panels conform to B.S. 1564: 1949 & 1975. Internal coated with non toxic bituminous paint and external with red oxide primer.
Materials The mild steel used in the manufacturer of the plates, stays, cleats, and pads for installation conform to the requirement of BSEN10025:2004
Flanges Of Panels The plates are pressed with a combined double flanged at an angle of 45° and 90° to the face of the plate on all four sides.
Stays and Cleats The sides and ends of all tanks shall be braced by stays to ensure rigidity of the tank, up to the maximum operating water level. The stays shall be made from mild steel angles. Cleats are made from mild steel plates.
Washers, Bolts and Nuts Hexagonal bolts, studs, nuts and washers conform to B.S. 4190.
Bolts and Nuts Non-toxic, odourless rubber bitumen sealarstrips and bitumen compound or equivalent shall be supplied.
HDPE Lining Covers for tank are supplied to suit individual requirement either flat or pitched curved, welded, or bolted. Manhole and insect proof vent to be provided as standard.
Ladders Ladders identical to tank finishes are provided unless specified by buyer on other finishes.
Level Indicator Mechanical level indicators are similar to panel finish painted in yellow gloss paint with black marking complete with PVC float, cable and pointer with reverse reading system.
B.S. 1564: 1975 (Revised) For cold liquid with density of 1.0 and having temperature not exceeding 38°C.
Tank 4ft Height: Bottom, sides and ends. 5mm
Tank 8ft Height: Bottom, sides and ends. 5mm
Tank 12ft Height: Bottom, sides and ends. 5mm
Tank 16ft Height: Bottom and first tiers of sides and ends. 6mm
Second, third and top tiers of sides & ends 5mm


  • Manufacturing specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Manufacturing specifications can be customized but subject to manufacturer’s approval and safety standards.
  • It is recommended all SUNNIK Standard Primer Coated Sectional Panels Tank shall be installed by our approved installers only.
  • Service temperature of water shall be at ambient temperature.
  • For safety reason, please seek manufacturer’s advice on other liquid containment, pH level or higher liquid temperature.



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